Plant A Rainbow Garden Kit

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Plant A Rainbow Garden Kit

One of the best ways to get your kids interested in gardening is to make it fun and a little mysterious. The children who tour our Beanstalk Children’s Garden in Kansas City are always attracted to the most colorful plants growing in the garden.

Children also love discovering the different veggie colors when they dig them up, like the purple, pink and white radishes in our ‘Easter Egg’ Radish seeds or the yellow, white and purple carrots in our ‘Rainbow Blend’ Carrot seeds.

We’ve put together a Plant A Rainbow Garden Kit that combines fun with mystery and makes your children’s garden a colorful patch of veggies and flowers.

Here’s what you get in the Plant A Rainbow kit:

Swiss Chard - Bright Lights Seeds

Bright Lights Swiss Chard

Brighten up your garden with this stunning chard variety. It’s deep green leaves make a beautiful contrast to it’s pink, gold, and crimson stems. Eat these greens young in yummy salads or let them mature a little longer and add them to soups, stir frys, or use them for wraps.

Radish - Easter Egg Seeds

Easter Egg Radish

The ‘Easter Egg’ Radish is fun for kids and adults alike to grow. The seeds produce a beautiful variety of colors, including red, white, pink, and purple all in the same pack! You won’t know which color the radish will be though, until you uncover the soil for the first time to take a peek.

Carrot - Rainbow Blend Seeds

Rainbow Blend Carrots

This rainbow carrot blend is fun to grow and even more fun to harvest. When you dig up this carrot patch you will find vibrant red, purple, yellow, orange and white carrots hiding below their green tops. These carrots make and fun and delicious snack for young gardeners!

Dragon Tongue Bean

Dragon Tongue Bean

Kids will love eating these cream and violet 6” stringless striped beans raw from the garden. They can also be pickled, stir-fried or steamed. Its unique color makes this bean an attractive side dish and an interesting conversation piece when served to curious guests.

Beet - Red and Golden Seeds

Red & Golden Beets

A beautiful contrasted mix of gold, red and red and white striped, these beets are fun to grow and delicious to eat. Enjoy both the tops and the bottoms of this earthy tasting plant by sautéing or roasting or eat raw for use in a delicious salad.


Benary’s Giant Zinnias

This variety of zinnia holds longer in a vase than your standard zinnia and is less susceptible to powdery mildew. Cut often to stimulate new blooms and to provide lovely fresh bouquets for yourself or a friend!

Nasturtium - Whirlybird Mix Seeds

Whirlybird Mix Nasturium

These wonderful upward facing flowers with their lily pad-shaped leaves will make a great addition to any garden or patio container. They’re not just a pretty flower face though. As an added bonus, both the flower and the leaves are edible! They’ll give a great peppery kick to any salad or sandwich. These semi-dwarf plants boast large, bright flowers in yellow, orange and red. ‘Whirlybird’ tolerates more heat than standard varieties.

Sunflower - Autumn Beauty Seeds

Autumn Beauty Sunflower

If you love the beautiful warm colors of Fall, then this sunflower is for you! Brilliant 6-8 inch diameter flowers of red, gold, yellow, rust and burgundy stand tall at 5-7 feet! These wonderful sunflowers make beautiful bouquet arrangements and will bloom for most of the summer and into fall. They’re not just for looks though. Try the flowers in a salad or stir fry!

Plant these seeds in your children’s garden and let your kids enjoy the fun of planting, growing and harvesting a variety of rainbow colored vegetables and flowers!

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