Morning Glory – Clark’s Heavenly Blue Seeds


Morning Glory – Clark's Heavenly Blue Seeds

Morning glories are vigorous climbing vines that produce beautifully cheerful blooms that are bright blue with white stripes. Their vines can grow up to 8-12’. They are fast-growing, have attractive foliage and, are easy to grow.

Approximate amount of seeds per pack: 50

When to Plant in Spring:

  • Earliest Planting Date: 2 weeks after Average Last Frost
  • Latest Planting Date: 5 weeks after Average Last Frost
  • Length of Planting Window: 3 weeks
  • To find your Average First or Last Frost, click here and type in your zip code.

Planting: To aid germination either nick the seed coat or soak for 36-48 hours before planting. Plant seeds 1/2” deep 8” apart along fence line or trellis. Avoid using to much nitrogen fertilizer. Too much nitrogen reduces blooming.

Care: Little care is required for these low maintenance plants. ‘Train’ the vines’ by tucking them into each other if you would like them to grow a certain direction.

Special instructions: Use a trellis or lattice so vines can climb and thrive. Plant them near building entrances, patios, sidewalks, or anywhere people will be able to see their beautiful blooms. In some areas, these vines are known as invasive weeds, so be sure to plant it in a container or raised bed to avoid it spreading to other areas of your garden.

Germination Days: 5-14

Days to Maturity: 75

Preference: full sun, moderate water, avoid using too much nitrogen fertilizer as it reduces blooming

• Morning glory is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Central and South America.

• It belongs to the same family as the moonflower and blooms in the early afternoon instead of the early evening as the moonflower does.

• Morning Glory belongs to the Convolvulaceae family which also contains more than 1,000 species.


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