Nasturtium – Whirlybird Mix Seeds


Nasturtium – Whirlybird Mix Seeds

These wonderful upward facing flowers with their lily pad-shaped leaves will make a great addition to any garden or patio container. They’re not just a pretty flower face though. As an added bonus, both the flower and the leaves are edible! They’ll give a great peppery kick to any salad or sandwich.  These semi-dwarf plants boast large, bright flowers in yellow, orange and red. ‘Whirlybird’ tolerates more heat than standard varieties.

Approximate amount of seeds per pack: 30

When to Plant in Spring:
2 weeks after Average Last Frost thru 5 weeks after Average Last Frost.
To find your Average Last Frost, go here.

Planting: Plant seeds ½ inch deep in rows spaced 18-24” apart. Thin plants to stand 8 to 10” apart.

Care: Don’t spoil them with lush fertile soil or fertilizer as it will result in lush foliage and few blooms.

Harvesting: Plants will get up to about 10 inches when fully grown. pick both the leaves and the flowers for a wonderful peppery addition to salads and sandwiches.

Special Instructions/Tips: Grows great in container on your patio, flower box in your window, or straight in the garden.

Germination Days: 9-12

Days to Maturity: 50

Preference: plenty of water, partial/full sun, well-draining soil (tolerates poor soil)

• Nasturtium was first found growing in Mexico and Peru.

• Both the leaves and flowers of Nasturtium are edible and the leaves will give you a good dose of vitamin C.

• Leaves are also water resistant! Go out on a rainy day and take a look at the cool water beads that are sure to have collected on your Nasturtium leaves! Or pull off a leaf, put a drop of water on top and make a game of swirling it around.

• Plant near tomatoes and cucumbers as a natural insecticide for aphids and whiteflies.


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