Swiss Chard – Bright Lights Seeds


Swiss Chard – Bright Lights Seeds

Brighten up your garden with this stunning chard variety. It’s deep green leaves make a beautiful contrast to it’s pink, gold, and crimson stems. Eat these greens young in yummy salads or let them mature a little longer and add them to soups, stir frys, or use them for wraps.

Approximate amount of seeds per pack: 90

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When to Plant in Spring:

  • Earliest Planting Date: 4 weeks before Average First Frost
  • Latest Planting Date: Average First Frost
  • Length of Planting Window: 4 weeks

When to Plant in Fall:

  • Earliest Planting Date: 13 weeks before Average First Frost
  • Latest Planting Date: 6 weeks before Average First Frost
  • Length of Planting Window: 7 weeks
  • To find your Average First or Last Frost, click here and type in your zip code.

Planting: Sow seeds ½ inch deep about 2 inches apart.

For Ground Plot Planting: Plant in rows spaced 18” apart. Thin plants to stand at least 3” apart in the row. Packet will cover a 70’ row.

Raised Bed Planting: Thin plants to stand at least 8-10” apart. Packet will cover 130 – 200 sq. ft.

Care: May need to control for aphids, slugs, snails, and cabbage worms.

Harvesting: Cut stems after about 25 days for young salad greens and at about 50 days for mature bunches. Clip young plants just above soil—plants will grow new stems and leaves.

Germination: 10-15 days

Days to Maturity: 55

Preferences: plenty of water, full sun, well-draining soil

Special Instructions/Tips: Use soon after harvest and store in very cold refrigerator with high humidity.

• Chard is thought to have originated in the Mediterranean and is still a favorite ingredient for mediterranean dishes.

• It is an excellent source of Vitamins A and K, which are important for eye and bone health respectively.

• Belongs to the same family as spinach and beets.

1 cup finely chopped Bright Lights Swiss Chard leaves (ribs removed)
1 garlic clove, minced
¼ teaspoon salt
1 cup plain Greek yogurt
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
A dash of cayenne
Pita bread, baby carrots and celery sticks for serving

DIRECTIONS: Bring a 1 or 2 quart saucepan, half filled with water, to a boil. Add the chopped Swiss Chard. Cook until tender, about 3-5 minutes. While the chard is cooking, prepare a bowl with ice water for an ice bath. When the chard is cooked, strain through a fine mesh strainer and put into the ice bath to stop the cooking. Drain and set aside. Squeeze out excess water. Using a food processor or blender, add the garlic and salt and mix into a paste. Add the yogurt, chard, olive oil, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. Set aside. Serve with pita triangles and raw vegetables.

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