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The Snackable Garden Kit

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The Snackable Garden

At our community garden headquarters in Kansas City, we invite kids groups from schools, churches, and youth groups to tour our Beanstalk garden. These kids always get a thrill from picking fruits and veggies right off the plants and vines.

We decided to group some of the more popular seeds together so parents and kids can grow their own “snackable garden” at home.

The Snackable Garden Kit includes eight seed varieties that can be picked, rinsed and eaten with no additional preparation…a perfect snack right from your garden!

Here’s what you get in the Snackable Garden Kit:

Pea - Green Sugar Ann Seeds

Sugar Ann Pea Snap

These delicious, sweet, and crisp peas produce early and are perfect for snacking right off the vine as you play in your garden. There is no need for staking these bushy little vines as they will only grow 10-24” high.

Radish - Cherry Belle Seeds

Cherry Belle Radish

Round, bright cherry red with white flesh. With a root that is about 1” in diameter, this radish tops about 3” at harvest time.

Dragon Tongue Bean

Dragon Tongue Bean

Kids will love eating these cream and violet 6” stringless striped beans raw from the garden. They can also be pickled, stir-fried or steamed. Its unique color makes this bean an attractive side dish and an interesting conversation piece when served to curious guests.

Hyacinth Bean - Ruby Moon Seeds

Ruby Moon Hyacinth Bean

The unofficial mascot of the Beanstalk Garden, this Hyacinth bean is a vigorous vining plant that produces beautiful deep purple bean pods, lovely lilac colored flowers, gorgeous ruby vines, and dark green foliage which also has hints of purple in it.  The flowers are the best-tasting part of the plant, as they have a crunchy, beany flavor.

NOTE: The bean pods are inedible for this product.

Bean - Yard Long / Red Noodle Seeds

Yardlong Red Noodle

Unique maroon-colored pods that, as their name suggests, can grow up to one yard long! Average pod sizes hover around a still impressive 16 – 20” and are as slender as a pencil.

The lovely green vines with their maroon pods are made even more attractive by their little white flowers. Young pods are sweet with an intense flavor.

Older pods can be shelled and dried. Plants produce heavily with up to four beans in a cluster.

Carrot - Mokum Seeds

Mokum Carrot

Often called the most delicious fresh carrot, this early Nantes-type carrot is crisp and sweet to munch on. Bright orange roots that measure about 6-8” at maturity have beautiful green tops that are shorter than most carrot varieties.

Because it matures quickly, ‘Mokum’ carrots are great for spring and summer planting.

French Sorrel Seeds

French Sorrel

The garden’s sour patch kid, this unique leafy herb adds a tart and sour taste to soups, salads and sandwiches. The leaves also taste great on their own as a yummy snack plucked straight off the plant. This perennial salad herb is a favorite of children. Young leaves are best.

Mouse Melon Seeds

Mouse Melon

What is the size of a grape, looks like a miniature watermelon, and tastes like a sour cucumber? A mouse melon! These small oval melons make a delicious crunchy snack that can be eaten right off the vine.

The Snackable Garden Kit is a great way to sample Beanstalk Seeds.

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