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Beanstalk Seeds

Magical Seeds For Your Children’s Garden

Beanstalk Seeds Logo With TaglinePreviously only available at our office in KC, Kansas City Community Gardens’ specialty seeds are now available to families, youth groups and schools throughout the country here at www.beanstalkseeds.com!

These special seed varieties have been tested in our Beanstalk Children’s Garden by more than 4,000 visitors each year and planted by students in over 200 Schoolyard Gardens in Kansas City. Each variety has a unique characteristic that make it fun for kids to grow.

Nowhere else will you find such a unique collection of seeds that have been curated specifically for family and youth garden use. Each seed comes with growing information, fun facts and recipe. Check out our resource section for more helpful gardening guide sheets.

BEANSTALK SEEDS™ is a product of Kansas City Community Gardens. Each purchase you make helps low income families and urban schools grow their own nutritious fruits and vegetables. Help us grow by telling your friends!

About KCCG:

KCCG provides free gardening workshops, technical assistance, garden supplies, and other resources to individuals, families, neighborhood organizations, nonprofit agencies, and other groups throughout the metropolitan Kansas City area through the Self-Help Gardening and Community Partner Gardens programs.

In addition, KCCG’s Schoolyard Gardens program staff help schools to create and grow gardens to improve students’ knowledge about nutrition and the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables to a healthy diet. KCCG’s Beanstalk Children’s Garden complements the efforts of Schoolyard Gardens staff by allowing school and community groups, families, and other visitors to learn about plant science, food production, nutrition, and insects during summer tours of this unique garden. The Beanstalk includes fruit, vegetable, and herb gardens; a seed and grain garden; the Curiosity Garden, filled with strange and unusual plants; and water garden featuring water lilies and floating hyacinths, fish, and frogs.

If you live in the Kansas City area, you can purchase Beanstalk Seeds and other garden supplies at our office in Swope Park.  As a Kansas City Community Gardens member you will receive full access to our seeds, plants and other gardening resources as well as technical assistance and free garden-skills workshops.  For more information visit www.kccg.org.

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