BEANSTALK SEEDS™ is a social entrepreneurship venture of Kansas City Community Gardens. Each purchase you make helps low income families grow their own nutritious food!

Visit www.kccg.org to learn more.

Magical seeds for your family garden!

Why Beanstalk Seeds?

Support A Non-Profit

Proceeds from seed sales help fund Kansas City Community Gardens, a non-profit organization that helps empower 25,000 families grow 1 million pounds of food a year!

GROW with your family!

With so many distractions competing for kids’ attention, parents are seeking new and fun ways to connect with them. At Beanstalk Seeds, we’re introducing a new generation to the fun and deliciousness of growing your own fruits, vegetables and curiosities with easy-to-grow varieties!

One Stop Shop

Not only does Beanstalk Seeds offer easy-to-grow seeds, but our website is full of helpful resources to help you grow a bountiful garden. Beanstalkseeds.com has everything from gardening guides to garden blogs to recipes!